Meat – Goose & Duck

Breast (Goose & Duck)

Calibre : 50g , the breast is appreciated for its taste and tenderness.

Possibility of making pieces: half breasts (IQF).

Packing : vacuum-sealed.

Skinless duck fillet

Derived from the breast.

Packing : vacuum-sealed.

Aiguillette (Goose & Duck)

Great tenderness.

Also used such as meat to make terrines, pâtés, stuffing…

Packing : vacuum-sealed.

Leg (Goose & Duck)

Legs for roasting or making confit. Sorted and calibrated.

Packing : vacuum-sealed or in bulk.

Wing (Goose & Duck)

* Whole duck wing

* Whole goose wing and cut goose wing (first phalanx)

It is mainly used for making cassoulets and confits.

Packing : vacuum-sealed, in bulk.

Skinless and boneless meat (Goose & Duck)

Used for making pâtés and potted meat (rillettes).

Packing : vacuum-sealed.

Gizzard (Goose & Duck)

Gizzard papillon or lobe.

Packing : vacuum-sealed.

Duck heart

Culinary speciality of southwest of France.

The hearts are prepared fried, in sauce, skewers on the barbecue. Excellent !

Packing : vacuum-sealed.

Whole or sliced smoked duck breast

Smoked duck breast can be used to make your mixed salads.

Packing : vacuum-sealed.