Foie gras – Goose & Duck

Duck foie gras

Duck foie gras will seduce you with its pronounced taste.

Quality : extra fabrication, extra restauration, tout venant.

Packing : vacuum-sealed.

Goose foie gras

The flavour of goose foie gras is delicate and refined.

Its unctuousness and its delicacy make of it an exceptional dish.

Quality : extra fabrication, extra restauration.

Packing : under paper, vacuum-sealed, IQF.

Deveined foie gras (Goose & Duck)

Deveined foie gras is sorted at the slaughtering plant in order to choose the extra fabrication products (supple texture) adapted to the chosen cooking (Entier, Mi-cuit, Conserve).

Packing : vacuum-sealed, IQFx1, IQFx4.

Deveined duck foie gras slabs

Extra fabrication foie gras only.

Ready to use for the making of your whole mi-cuit foie gras terrine.

Only requires seasoning and cooking.

Packing : slab of 500g or 4kg.

Pieces of foie gras (Goose & Duck)

The foie gras pieces coming from sorted lobes are used for the preparation of blocks.

Packing : IQF or vacuum-sealed.

Foie gras escalopes (Goose & Duck)

Escalopes come from sorted extra foie gras.

They are calibrated and ready to use.

They are graded 20/40g or 40/60g for duck and 20/40g, 40/60g or 60/80g for goose.

Packing : IQF in aluminium zip-lock bag.

Cubes of foie gras (Goose & Duck)

Cubes are pieces of foie gras around 1 cm x 1 cm.

Used to complement your mixed salads.

Packing : bags of 500g or 1kg.

Fresh deveined foie gras (Duck)

Skin packed